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Factory of Marketing at Esomar14


On June 3d and 4th Factory of Marketing representatives participated in an international workshop held by ESOMAR annually for the purpose of new marketing research methods practical application skill-sharing. Participants from 16 countries joined the seminar.

Because of modern devices the Internet became customary, everything that is being done, bought or consumed appears in the Internet at once, and then others either carry on or notice it. Although there is a little penetration of people ready to show their private lives, they affect a vast number of consumers who read forums and testimonials. That is why the speed of gaining insights is so important for manufacturers to get the idea of product perception trends and experience of its usage. This information can be useful for further communication development to make the consumer hear and understand the statement and actions aimed at him/her.

Internet societies monitoring is one of such tools which enable to collect information about consumers and product usage experience in short terms. Although it’s worth to be careful applying automated programs. As any other tool they have their own limitations. In particular, there is a risk of data prevention because of “word for word” quotation analysis, when their sense-feeling can be correctly comprehended from the context. That is why computer program is used by “Factory of Marketing” just as a part of complex of Internet monitoring tools. It plays certain role in data collecting. But the analysis itself is being done by the Company staff analysts.  

The other direction of work with target audience is model-based forums. Depending on the target of the audience, there is an opportunity to influence the product line (e.g. FMCG), to study consumer experience, deeply understand respondent’s background. “Factory of Marketing” realizes target audience research via modeling of online forums as a special platform that enables the moderator to be constantly in touch with the respondent and comprehend his/her values during personal conversation and tasks.

The estimation tool for communication perception by customers is developed by applying emotional analysis during the viewing. The program “perceives” the respondent’s emotions during the ad viewing, the result of which is analyzed together with questionnaire results.

Nowadays the business is highly interested in more deep understanding of audience and its behavior. Today this area makes tremendous progress, and although the tools are still at the stage of development, even now their rational usage together with standard methods enables to understand the spontaneous behavior of the audience. “Factory of Marketing” carefully monitors new methods; some of them are implemented and used in order to solve business tasks in a most effective way.