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Professional rating of research companies of Russia


Association of Sociological Regional Centers '7/89 Group’ have published results of regular ‘Professional rating of research companies’ of Russia. We are pleased with the results of the Factory of Marketing, that have managed to rise in overall activity in the regions of Russia by 17 positions year-to-year and reach the position in the TOP-10 of research companies in Russia by this parameter.
Rating is being compiled annually by the regional survey research companies to assess their customers. As soon as there is no more accurate tools for ranking and evaluation of market players, we can assume that the amount and structure of orders that the company is placing in its regional contractors, is consistent with its overall position on the market.
In the ranking TOP positions are traditionally occupied by big centers, specializing in social and political projects, as well as international network players. The presence on the list of independent Factory of Marketing is important also because of the fact, that this entry is a result of two years of active work on the market only, and that the company works only in the field of Market Research, not the Public Opinion field.

While analyzing the situation in specific areas of research market, it is evident that the Factory of Marketing, being surely a full-cycle universal agency, is more focused on advanced research methods than the simple mass surveys of public opinion.
Among different areas of research methods The Factory of Marketing took:
- Mass population surveys: 21st place (growth by 10 positions while comparing to results of 2010 year),
- CATI telephone surveys: 7th place (growth by 26 positions),
- Retail audit: 17th place (17th),
- Other types of studies: 5th place (4th place in 2010).

What in the ranking of the Association is called ‘the other types of studies’, in fact, it is an area of ​​special competence of Factory of Marketing, as this position includes all the methods and techniques that go beyond ‘traditional ones’ or ‘mass’, among them: Mystery Shopping (including highly specialized), Census (including with the usage of new technologies), non-standard Desk Researches and growing area of ​​researches in the Internet.
It should be noted that the Factory of Marketing is still in a phase of very fast growth. A year ago, the Factory has been mentioned in the ranking only in individual cases (in 2010 have not even entered the overall rating), and even this year's assessment of the resources of the company (brand strength, economic, technological, personnel resources) is slightly behind the evaluation of its market activity (positions 16-22 by the assessment of the resource base comparing to 10th positions by coverage of the market). There is a room to grow.


Source: http://www.789.ru/