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Fast and the Furious 6


Six years has passed since the Factory of Marketing was established and almost four years since when our team not only successfully entered the market but also started to show good “lap time” on solving our clients’ business “tracks”, even not looking on 2009’th economic crisis and hard competition conditions on the market. Today most of automotive manufacturers and dealers are amount our clients. Besides that we help to find out the right business task decisions to our clients from telecom, retail, finance, FMCG, consumer electronic and home appliance market.


Since 2010 Factory of Marketing’s “check ins” is being shown among main research agencies’ ratings. As for now we are on the top ranks or even hold the “pole-position” by number of parameters.

The main goal is to keep going this way. Here goes the team of our “racing drivers” though hardly they could achieve such results without all the “technical team” efforts. A lot of people working for the result: interviewers, CATI operators, data input & coding managers, regional partners in Russian regions and in other countries. And “team sponsors” for sure who are the main beneficiaries of the work we do.

Thanks to all of you and let us… come back to our hard training for making our results even better - for you.