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Who we are?

The Factory of Marketing, ltd is the company specializing in conducting marketing researches and consulting in the field of strategic and operating marketing. We have been working in the Russian market since 2007. The company HQs is located in Moscow.

Today, the Factory of Marketing team is not only researchers who came from respectful international companies, but also experts who have worked in senior positions in the real sector of economy. Each of our specialists has almost 10 years of work experience.

 OUR GOALS: conducting of qualitative research projects with the use of the best and continually improved methods; providing our clients with the recommendations reflecting their business needs at most, and the exceptional client service. 

 We believe that service is considered exceptional both in research and consulting. Our service is:

 We do not have two “template” projects – each of them is projected and carried out individually.

Our advantages

There is no doubt that our Clients will tell you better about our advantages, nevertheless, we think that it is necessary to mention those ones we are particularly proud of.


  • The full complex of marketing researches in different segments and spheres of society life.
  • A wide range of services and opportunities – from getting the basic information up to creating analytical models.
  • Combining of the traditional classical research methods with the best innovative technologies and methodology.


  • Reliable partners who are in key regions of the RF and Eurasian countries.
  • Adequate interpretation and high quality of researches and their compliance with the international standards.



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