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Our main value is people. The Factory of Marketing team includes experienced researchers, qualified sociologists and psychologists, and marketing managers who have worked in the real sector of economy for many years and who understand the business needs.

What is particularly valuable is that every employee is not only an excellent specialist in a relevant field, but is well aware of all research stages. This enables us to develop and conduct the project, taking into account the possible nuances, limitations and pitfalls.


The structure of the company includes the front-office – our Customer Service department, the staff of which takes control over the project at each stage of its development. During the project, the Account manager becomes a Client`s company representative in the Factory of Marketing, with all ensuring consequences: s/he monitors the project progress, asks the project performer to meet all the requirements made by a Client, participates in submitting a final report, keeps records on the project. The Account manager is always accessible to a Client and all the issues are solved on a timely basis.

The back-office is our production workers: Qualitative, Quantitative and Field departments. Analysts and moderators are on the staff of the company. One cannot but mention our administrators who support the office life, by providing us with “ammunition” and all necessary for job performance: from access to the Internet up to pens and pencils.

 Team work on projects

 Under carrying out a project, we work in a matrix structure. There are two persons who are responsible for the project result: Account-manager and Project Manager. The Account-manager is responsible for interaction with a Client, the Project Manager is appointed to conduct a definite research project and accountable for its completion. Beside this, a temporary team is formed for each project. It will solve the project tasks conjointly and make changes, if needed.  The member of this team can be any employee, regardless the position taken, but if his/her participation is required for solving Clients` tasks.

 The best people are with us

If there is a need, we attract the following specialists for specific projects:

o   Moderators and recruiters (for qualitative researches);

o   Supervisors/Assistants of Field department;

o   Managers processing the data;

o   Desk Research Specialists.

In future, the specialists participating in the research on a temporary basis can be included into the company staff, if there is a mutual agreement. If you want to join our team, please contact us.

The important addition to the company staff is the research officers of the Moscow State University, Sociology department. The exclusive agreements on commercial use of the methodological materials on part of  the Factory of Marketing have been signed with some of the researchers of the University.